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Pal-Universe is proud to offer several services for pet owners from food, DNA test, drugs, finding lost pets, dating, training, adopting, and dog sitting for pets. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and refer us to your friends.


Our Premium Community Services Membership

What we are providing for your Pets


Safe-Neighborhood Community

The only way to provide a safe area for pets is joining the alarm COYOTE community. Join us to have a safer place.

Lost-Reunite Community

One in third of pets are lost at least once during their life. Let’s have a community to reunite our lovers faster.

DNA-Family Community

Let’s find the actual family for our pets and make them so happy. It is possible if we have a huge community.

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We are offering different types of services based on your need to have a BETTER life for your pets. Please join our community and help us to expand our relationship.

You as a pet owner also could join our service member and help other pet owners too.

  • Pets Birthday Party
  • Dog Sitting
  • Dog Show Competition
  • Dog Walking

Pet Party

Do you like to make your dog happy to meet other dogs?

Dog Walking

Do you work hard and don’t have time to walk your dog?

Dog Sitting

Do you plan to have a trip for business or fun?

Dog Show

Do you like to have fun with other pet lovers?


Our Happy Customers

See what people say about our services

“The food is G-R-E-A-T and the house my child live in is awesome!, He is much better :)”

Rose BlueTeacher

“The staff at St. Happy Kids and the therapists have helped me and now I’m a better person.”

Ana SmithMother

“This is what I have learned; I have learned how to do division so that it is not hard anymore.”

Nicole KidmanDoctor

“I have learned to take responsibility for my actions. We go on some fun”

Matt AndersonMother

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