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Common Methods to Find Lost Pets

Traditional identification methods of pets such as ID tags and microchips do not robustly provide significant level of security to pets. Neither of these methods are accurate or consistent for the lifetime of the animal—tags can fall off and microchips may not be found due to migration or fail to be detected by the scanner. In addition, these traditional methods require an external object to be placed around the neck of the animal or injected under the skin. Many pet owners dislike implanting a foreign object into their pet and worry of the long-term risks associated with it. Also, microchips have to be scanned and the scanners are not accessible by everyone; individuals have to take the found pet to a facility equipped with the scanner such as a veterinarian, rescue group or an animal shelter. Moreover, even if a microchip is detected, it is a timely process to find the microchip company that the owner is registered with (as there are several microchip companies), contact the company to request the owner’s information, and finally contact the owner.

How Long Does It Take to Find Lost Pets?

Whether individuals in the community look for the owner themselves or surrender the lost pet to an animal agency, it takes anywhere from 2 to 45 days for a lost pet to be returned to its owner. The traditional methods are inaccurate, time-consuming, and difficult to locate for both the finder and the owner, and most importantly, are inefficient for reuniting pets with their owner. Better identification methods are desperately needed to increase the chance, speed, and probability of reuniting lost pets with their families.


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